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Economic and Public Health Evaluation Committee

Web page - Posted on Aug 14 2019


The Economic and Public Health Committee (CEESP) issues public health recommendations and technology appraisals based on clinical and economic evidence as well as on other domains (e.g. ethics, organisation). Technology is inclusive of medicinal products and devices, diagnostic and therapeutic techniques, systems of care, screening tools, etc. The committee also reviews single technology assessments from manufacturers and issues opinions on their efficiency, referred to as “efficiency opinion” in HAS publications. The CESSP can be commissioned by an external institution or by the College of HAS. It works in collaboration with other HAS committees.


The CEESP is composed of 33 members with voting rights, appointed by the College of HAS for a 3-year term, which is renewable twice.

The members include:

  • A president, and two vice-presidents, appointed from the membership of the College;
  • Healthcare professionals and experts in the field of health economics and public health;
  • Representatives of patient associations or healthcare users.

If a committee member's seat becomes vacant a new member is appointed.

Evaluation process

Multiple technology appraisals and public health recommendations

Multiple technology appraisals and public health recommendations


“Efficiency opinions” on single technology appraisals

Efficiency opinions on single technology appraisals

Abbreviations: Economic and Public Health Division (SEESP); Economic and Public Health Committee (CEESP)




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