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Sex, gender and health – Prospective analysis report 2020

Prospective analysis report 2020
Studies and Reports - Posted on Dec 14 2020
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What are the effects of sex and gender on our health?
How do they influence our behaviors and practices?
Are they taken into account in health and social care policies? What about the instruments designed for their operational application?

The analysis drawn by HAS explores why sex and gender should be considered in health. 10 proposals are formulated based on these findings to make such consideration a lever for improving the health of women, men, intersex people and trans people. HAS also makes a commitment to advance on this matter, within the framework of its missions.


Sex and gender have a major influence on the health of individuals and on how our system takes care of them. This influence can be underestimated in some cases, and in other cases be observed with a stereotyped vision. In both cases, it causes a categorization of populations that leaves little room for nuance. This can result in inadequate responses from public policies or from professionals.

This analysis examines the health, social and medico-social fields through the prism of sex and gender, with the scientific objectivity that characterizes HAS. It leads to ten concrete proposals to encourage awareness among actors, to complete the construction of health policies and to adapt the tools available to professionals.

HAS is convinced that these changes contribute to improving the health of all and is determined to be an agent of change. Therefore, the institution is also making strong commitments for itself.

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