Focus on Patient Safety is a series of documents describing several situations, identified and selected as being of educational interest and for their quality of analysis in the care-related serious adverse events feedback system database (and/or the physicians accreditation feedback database). 


  • Raise awareness among and alert healthcare professionals as to a specific recurrent risk, by describing the high-risk situation, to inform them about situations in which they may arise
  • Remind healthcare professionals of the tools, publications and good practice guidelines available to them where there are any
  • Show that serious adverse events must be reported within a constructive approach which involves taking the drama out of reporting

Analysis of the serious adverse events feedback system database (and/or physicians accreditation feedback database), enables us to learn lessons and to promote reporting and analysis of healthcare-related serious adverse events.  

These analyses can be used to understand the deep-rooted causes of these events, to share them and to put forward solutions to stop them happening. 

These Focus on Patient Safety sheets remind healthcare professionals of the good practice guidelines available to them where there are any. 

Each Patient Safety Information sheet describes a number of situations (events) selected in the serious adverse events database or accreditation database according to their educational interest and analysis quality. 

  • educational interest consists of assessing whether the event reveals any useful information that can be used to improve patient safety.
  • their analysis quality is necessary for lessons to be learned.

The Focus on Pat
ient Safety publications are for healthcare professionals in the health (private and public) and medical and social sectors :

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