Assessment of medical devices for home infusion

National Committee for the Evaluation of Medical Devices and Health Technologies (CNEDiMTS)
Health technology assessment - Posted on Feb 08 2012 - Updated on Feb 08 2012

The objective of this document is to reassess the various categories of medical devices for home infusion, as well as the associated services, in order to ensure a proper basis for the renewal of their reimbursement. The reassessment had the following aims:
- to evaluate the actual benefit of medical devices for home infusion, taking into account the therapeutic effect / adverse effects ratio, the role in the therapeutic strategy and the benefit to public health of these products;
- to define the indications and clinical situations for the use of the different types of medical devices for home infusion;
- to define the ways in which these products will be listed in the List of Products and Services Qualifying for Reimbursement (LPPR);
- to determine the conditions of use and of prescription.

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