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Reassessment of bone substitutes

Assessment with a view to renewal of reimbursement by health insurance
Health technology assessment - Posted on Jul 19 2013

The aim of this assessment is to propose an update of the terms and conditions for the reimbursement of bone substitutes listed in the LPPR.

CNEDiMTS differentiates between two major categories of bone substitutes:
    - synthetic bone substitutes not containing any derivative or tissue of biological origin or not obtained from such derivatives;
    - bone substitutes obtained from or containing derivatives or non-viable tissues of animal origin.

CNEDiMTS recommends a common indication for all the generic categories defined, i.e.: “use of bone substitute (for filling, reconstruction, fusion), when autologous solutions are inapplicable or insufficient”.

Based on the available data it is not possible to state categorically that one type of bone substitutes is better than another. The Committee has ruled that there is no improvement in actual benefit (IAB V) between the various generic categories relating to synthetic substitutes and bone substitutes containing derivatives of animal origin.

CNEDiMTS recommends listing under the brand name all bone substitutes that do not meet the agreed technical specifications.

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