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Myocardial Infarction (MI) Full Care Cycle and Patient Outcomes

Web page - Posted on Apr 30 2013 - Updated on May 23 2013

In France, about 100,000 patients each year have an MI. Of those entering the care pathway, 5% die within the 1st month, 13% die during the first year and only a quarter is benefiting from the optimal emergency care pathway:
1st signs of ACS – call the SAMU center 15 – emergency medical care management with direct referral to interventional cardiology center.


Our objectives

  • To reduce the overall mortality and complications of MI
  • To improve the 3 phases of MI care pathways, before, during & after hospitalisation
  • To improve patient experience and outcomes


Our method

  • A Collaborative Method: A National MI Task Force multiprofessional & multidisciplinary to capitalise on clinical expertise, scientific evidence and practice results
  • Shared Clinical Indicators adressing the ESA Quality dimensions: Efficacy/Efficiency, Safety & Access
  • A patient centred approach considering the 3 consecutive phases of MI care pathways to improve Practices & Patient Outcomes


Our results

Clinical Practice Indicators to measure MI Management & Patient Outcomes from pain onset up to 1 year of follow up

Improving outcomes: Actions & Figures from the field

Conclusions from practices & priorities for action

  • For 2012: in progress
  • For 2009: Progress Reports on the 3 phases of MI care pathway: phase 1, phase 2phase 3


Our prespectives

Measuring Patient experience allows to identify room for improvement in MI care management, before, during and after hospitalisation. Involving Patients in measuring their Experience of care, is a powerfull lever for care quality & Outcomes Improvement.




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