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Developing and implementing shared care protocols

Tool to improve professional practice - Posted on May 04 2015

A shared care protocol reflects the shared desire to combine medical, caregiver, and medical social expertise to better manage a situation concerning one or more acute or chronic illnesses. It responds to a multidisciplinary issue identified by a team, within a healthcare facility or in an area. It takes patient experience into account and may pay particular attention to informal caregivers. Shared care protocols are a natural support for teamwork.

Key points

They consolidate coordinated work when they:

  • rely on the experience and expertise of the professionals concerned,
  • consider current literature data,
  • formalise and harmonise existing practices,
  • propose avenues for advancement, through new services or new roles,
  • provide support and security for caregivers,
  • can be easily consulted during care,
  • conceive of care and "taking care" as a single concept,
  • can be accompanied by financial valuations and resources that are appropriate to their use,
  • are regularly updated in light of feedback,
  • are part of the quality process of care teams.


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