The Economic and Public Health Evaluation Committee (CEESP – Commission d’évaluation économique et de santé publique) was established in 2008 and is tasked with:

  • Drafting and disseminating economic recommendations and opinions on the most efficient strategies for care, prescribing and treatment, and to assess their impact on health insurance expenditure.
  • Validating economic studies that balance the beneficial effects of healthcare technologies against the expected cost for the national insurance.
  • Issuing economic opinions on health procedures, products and services.

At the request of the HAS Board (Collège de la HAS), the CEESP may also be tasked with preparing the deliberations of the board, particularly concerning:

  • The list of periodic preventive medical consultations and screening examinations implemented within the framework of health programs.
  • The quality and effectiveness of prevention actions or programs, especially health education, diagnosis, or care. Through its work, the CEESP aims to make an active contribution to ensuring that the efficiency or opportunity cost dimension is considered in both policy decision and clinical practice.


The CEESP is composed of 31 members with voting rights, appointed by the HAS Board for a 3-year term, which is renewable twice.

The members include:

  • A chair, who is also a member of HAS board. The current chair is Professor Grall.
  • Two vice-chairs.
  • Healthcare professionals and experts in the field of health economics and public health.
  • Two representatives of patient associations or healthcare users.

Multiple technology appraisals and public health recommendations

The evaluation of public health actions serves as support for public decision-making: it involves gathering evidence to assess the feasibility and relevance of implementing these actions and helps specify their modalities. This evaluation, based on available knowledge, details the benefits, risks, and efficiency (cost/benefit ratio) of the assessed actions.

multiple technology appraisals and public health recommendations

Health economic assessment for health products

The HAS assesses the efficiency and budget impact of health products (medicinal products and medical devices) that are presumed to be innovative and likely to have a significant impact on Health Insurance expenditure:

  • When the health technology developer claims a high clinical added value score (ASMR or ASA I to III).
  • For medicinal products if:
    • The product concerned is an advanced therapy medicinal product (ATMP), or
    • The forecast pre-tax sales for the 2nd year of marketing in the indication are greater than or equal to 20 million euros per year, or
    • The company claims to have an impact on the organisation of care, professional practices or patient care conditions.
  • For medical devices: when the forecast pre-tax sales for the 2nd year of marketing in the indication are greater than or equal to 20 million euros per year in the case of a registration procedure, or when the pre-tax sales recorded during the 12 months preceding the application for renewal of registration in the indication are greater than 20 million euros per year.

Under specific conditions, an economic evaluation is not requested when:

  • The medicinal product is not protected by a patent or a supplementary protection certificate.
  • The application concerns a paediatric extension of indication for which the adult indication is already covered by national solidarity.
  • The application concerns an extension of indication which will result in an increase in the population reached by the product of less than 5% over 2 years (medicinal products only).

CEESP economic appraisals conclude on the degree of confidence in the economic analysis submitted, considering the applicant's methodological choices. They are forwarded to the Economic Committee of healthcare products (CEPS - Comité économique des produits de santé), with the aim of contributing to the negotiation of the price of the concerned products.

The list of published economic appraisals (French only): Avis économiques rendus par la Commission d’évaluation économique et de santé publique (CEESP)

Schema Economic appraisal


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