The Health Care Management Committee is tasked with preparing HAS Board decisions on:

  • recommendations developed for health professionals and public authorities in terms of best practice and organisations of care
  • management strategies relating to care pathways and indicators corresponding to relevant care

To carry out is misson, the Committee may be supported by associated HAS' departments, professional organisations or working groups. It may also hear from experts or stakeholders.

The Committee renders appraisals on:

  • reimbursement relevance in terms of a specific procedure/intervention
  • scientific feasability, scoping documents and methods of recommendation elaboration
  • complementary work proposed to the Board.


The Committee is comprised of 34 members appointed for a three-year term by the HAS Board, renewable twice:

  • 1 chairman appointed among the members of the HAS Board;
  • 33 individuals appointed on their expertise, including two vice-chairs.

If a Committee member's seat becomes vacant, another appointment can be made under the same conditions and for the remainder of the term.

The chair of the Committee may invite any competent person whose contribution is considered useful, including external collaborators.

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