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Diagnosis of congenital cytomegalovirus infection through serology testing and/or viral genome detection - INAHTA Brief

Health technology assessment - Posted on Nov 19 2015

The Association of Health Insurance Funds (UNCAM) is applying for the inclusion on the list of procedures and services (LPS) reimbursed by the French National Health Insurance system, of several diagnostic tests relating to mother-to-child transmission of cytomegalovirus (CMV) infection in utero. These are the anti-CMV IgG avidity test and CMV viral load testing by gene amplification (PCR) in several types of sample: amniotic fluid from the mother, and urine and saliva from the neonate. UNCAM also suggests removing immunoenzymatic testing for anti-CMV IgG alone in pregnancy, and cell culture for CMV, from the LPS.

The aim of this report is to establish whether data from a critical analysis of the synthetic literature (good practice guidelines, systematic reviews and technology assessment reports) are consistent with the content of UNCAM’s application and whether they therefore support this application for the inclusion or removal of the above tests on/from the LPS

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