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Patient Information Committee

Article HAS - Mis en ligne le 19 janv. 2016


The Patient Information Committee is a specialized committee whose mission is to:

  • Propose to the Board, documents and tools intended for public information and use, which promote shared understanding and decision making between patients and doctors;
  • Define the modalities of dissemination and communication of such documents and tools.

The committee coordinates its work and schedule with other HAS’ committees.



The committee is comprised of 22 members appointed for a three-year term by the HAS board, which may be renewed twice. Members include:

  • A chairman appointed from among the members of the College of the HAS;
  • Personalities appointed for their competence in communication, journalism, information technology and human sciences;
  • Representatives of consumers or patient associations;
  • Health professionals;
  • HAS staff members participating in an advisory role.

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