Established in March 2017, the Technical Committee for Vaccinations (CTV, Commission Technique de Vaccinations) is entrusted with a 3-year mandate to carry out vaccination assignments at HAS. The CTV is the French National Immunization Technical Advisory Group (NITAG) and is responsible for tasks previously undertaken by the Vaccine Committee at the French High Council of Public Health.

In accordance with the HAS’ activities supporting public authorities in vaccination policymaking, the CTV is tasked with preparing the HAS Board’s deliberations, particularly with regards to:

  • Vaccine recommendations, including urgent requests from the Ministry of Health.
  • French Vaccination schedule set by the Ministry in of Health.
  • Minimal disclosures required in publicity campaigns for vaccines.

The CTV collaborates with both the Transparency Committee (CT- Commission de la Transparence) and the Economic and Public Health Committee (CEESP – Commission d’évaluation économique et de santé publique)  to prepare and issue its vaccine appraisals.

The CTV also provides the HAS Board with the necessary methodological tools for carrying out its assignments regarding vaccines and vaccination.


The composition of the CTV is established in its rules of procedure, adopted by decision of the HAS Board.

The CTV is composed of members appointed for 3 years by the HAS Board.

Members with voting right include:

  • A president, who is also a member of the HAS board. The current CTV chair is Professor Anne-Claude Crémieux.
  • Three vice-presidents, including the chair of the CT, the chair of the CEESP and a third VP appointed by the members of the HAS Board.
  • Healthcare professionals specialized in the fields of pediatrics, infectiology, vaccinology, biology, methodology and epidemiology, health economics and public health.
  • Two representatives of patient associations and healthcare users.

The CTV also includes members, in an advisory role with consultative rights, representatives of Ministries and other national regulatory and public health agencies.


The list of published CTV documents (French only): https://has-sante.fr/jcms/fc_2875171/fr/resultat-de-recherche?FACET_THEME=c_64705%2Fc_2616939

Rules of procedure (French only) : Règlement de la commission technique des vaccinations 

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