Normal childbirth: support of physiology and medical interventions

Practice guidelines - Posted on Jan 25 2018 - Updated on Nov 27 2023

This recommendation of good practice addresses the modalities of management of normal delivery, respectful of rhythm and the spontaneous course of birth in women with low obstetric risk.

They can include:

  • Either an accompaniment of the physiology of childbirth (continuous support, non-pharmacological management of pain ...);

  • Or minimal technical and medical interventions, reduced to the data of science (oxytocin administration to accelerate the work, loco-regional anesthesia ...) intended to ensure the comfort and safety of the mother and her child.

According to the preferences of women and according to the evolution of the clinical situation of the mother and the child, it is possible to pass successively from one to the other of these modalities by choice or necessity.

The main objectives and issues of this RBP are :

  • Respond to women's demand for less medical care during delivery, while respecting their spontaneous development;

  • Improve and guarantee the safety of the care of the mother and her child;

  • Harmonize practices, especially in places dedicated to physiology.


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