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Assessment of scaling and root planing (non-surgical periodontal therapy) in the treatment of periodontal disease - INAHTA Brief

Health technology assessment - Posted on Dec 21 2018

Following a request by the French National Health Insurance concerning non-surgical periodontal therapy or scaling and root planing (SRP), this report focused on the assessment of the SRP procedure in the management of aggressive and chronic periodontal disease, in terms of its efficacy and safety. The assessment also studied the effects of the full-mouth disinfection method, with or without antiseptic agents, compared to SRP by quadrant / sextant. In addition, the report assessed whether the use of adjuncts to SRP, local antibiotic therapy, systemic antibiotic therapy, photodynamic therapy and different types of laser (Er:YAG laser, Nd:YAg laser, diode laser), were liable to improve the efficacy of treatment, compared to SRP alone.

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