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Pancreatic islet transplantation - INAHTA Brief

Health technology assessment - Posted on Jul 20 2020

The objective of this study was to assess the safety, efficacy and conditions for performance of pancreatic islet (or islets of Langerhans) transplantation (IT) in several indications:

  • patients with chronically unstable insulin-dependent diabetes (type 1 diabetes) with preserved renal function (allogeneic transplantation);
  • patients with insulin-dependent diabetes and renal failure (usually due to diabetic kidney disease) with an indication for kidney transplantation, in which case IT may be simultaneous or delayed (allogeneic transplantation);
  • patients with insulin-dependent diabetes with a functional kidney graft and presenting an HbA1c level ≥ 7% or severe hypoglycaemia (allogeneic transplantation);
  • patients at risk of insulinopaenic or insulin-dependent diabetes following extensive or total pancreatic surgery or following a pancreatic injury causing extensive or total devascularisation of the pancreas (autologous transplantation).


This work was also conducted with a view to registration of IT on the list of joint classification of medical procedures (CCAM) and funding by the national health insurance system in France.

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