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Public Consultation – Proposal for functional classification of digital solutions on the basis of their purpose

Clôture de la consultation le 30 juin 2020
Public consultation - Posted on Apr 22 2020


The digital technology is progressively becoming an integral part of our health system. And the current health crisis is accelerating their use in response to the need to adapt the organisation of healthcare.

Digital solutions cover a vast and diverse scope. They are characterised by a heterogeneity in terms of their technological nature, their operating principles and the associated functionalities. Some are intended to be used by users/patients, while others are aimed at healthcare professionals. Some are medical devices, while others are not. Some are evaluated, certified, standardised and others are not, etc. 

Purpose of the public consultation

Given the extreme diversity of existing and future digital solutions, and in order to facilitate exchange between the various stakeholders, HAS proposes a draft classification of digital solutions on the basis of :

  • their purpose,
  • the capacity of the digital solution to take into account user/patient parameters (leading to personalisation of the response)
  • and the functional autonomy of the digital solution.  

Four increasing levels (from A to D) of personalisation and autonomy of the digital solution are proposed in the draft submitted for public consultation. 

This draft functional classification of digital solutions could help to build reflexion on what should be evaluated or not. Indeed, the systematic assessment of all digital solutions is neither feasible nor relevant. In its 2019 prospective analysis  “Digital technology: what (R)evolution?” , HAS makes the recommendation  to construct an assessment matrix adapted to digital technology, constructed by functionality. Therefore, this draft classification is not an assessment matrix but a framework to help develop such a matrix.

A questionnaire is published online in order to collect your suggestions to optimise the legibility and exhaustiveness of the categories envisaged. 

To whom is the public consultation dedicated ?

Any stakeholder involved in the development or use of digital solutions is invited to give their opinion: Associations of patients and users of the healthcare system, professional colleges and learned societies, public institutions and agencies, unions, companies, developers, researchers …

Until when is participation allowed?

The public consultation process runs until 30 June 2020.

How to submit your input

How are contributions taken into account?

All contributions will be analysed in order to arrive at the final version of the classification.  

What happens to the personal data collected?

Personal data (surname, first name, e-mail address, etc.) collected during this public consultation are used solely for the administrative processing of your contribution and are not transmitted to third parties. 

The personal data collected are kept for a period that does not exceed the duration necessary for the purposes set out above. 

In accordance with the French data protection act, you can exercise your right of access, opposition, rectification and deletion of your data by email at the following address: dpo[at]

For further information, or to report any difficulties encountered: contact.sed[at]

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