Focus on patient safety " Teleconsultation - Increase your vigilance when consulting remotely "

Flash sécurité patient - Posted on Dec 07 2022


By sharing this feedback on use of teleconsultation, this focus on patient safety will alert health professionals and raise their awareness of the occurrence of care-related adverse events that could have been avoided by observing best practices before, during and after the teleconsultation.

So it doesn't happen again

As with any practice, teleconsultation involves specific patient safety risks. These risks must be limited by assessing the pertinence of remote treatment, conducting a specific patient interview, communicating appropriately, and coordinating actions with other healthcare professionals.

Key messages:

  • The specificities of teleconsultation must be taken into account by conducting an adapted clinical history interview.
  • If teleconsultation is not appropriate, the patient should be offered a physical examination.
  • Coordination with other healthcare professionals is essential.









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